Disco Ceilidh

Saedly Dorus & the Hoolie Band is a ceilidh band with a big difference: we have fused two massive party-vibe musical genres into one super fun disco ceilidh whole.

So what is disco ceilidh?

We take classic disco tracks that are known and loved by dancers at weddings and parties the world over and layer over them the most catchy folk lines we can think of. These folk tunes are traditionally played at ceilidh dances because their repetitive lines set up the regular rhythms for dancing jigs, reels, etc..

What does the 'disco' in disco ceilidh achieve?

For a start you will feel the bass. Traditional folk instruments cannot produce the kind of bass frequency power you experience on your ipod or radio, they have a much brighter, percussive sound, able to cut across the background of a noisy pub of revelers. Disco tunes have awesome bass lines that thicken out the sound, thumping right through you while your mind traces the lyrical ceilidh melody patterns.

So who is the ceilidh disco for?

Simple. Everyone. That's the whole point. The structured dances are a great ice breaker and brilliant fun whatever your age. You don't have to be John Travolta or Michael Flatley - we call the dances and give them a unique twist to reflect the new syncopation that the disco adds to the ceilidh tunes.

Okay. I'm sold. Where can I get some of this?

We do regular public gigs around Oxfordshire, so check back here regularly to see when our next hoolie is, or sign up to our email alerts and we'll contact you. We are also available for hire at any fun event. The wilder the better, so just get in touch!